I first heard about veganism in 2002 from a colleague who was then a vegetarian transitioning to veganism. I thought he was insane. How can one not eat meat? Like ever. It was difficult to comprehend. Who would have believed that after 15 years I would be living and loving the vegan life.

In 2014, I started feeling lethargic and very ill. I had a full blood test and everything came back great but I was still feeling weak. A friend suggested to have a good allergy test. I already knew I was lactose intolerant but I was blown away by how many other food I was intolerant to. Most of them I really loved.

This made me develop an interest in researching in nutrition and health. I tried many different diets both to lose weight and improve my health. During my research, I stumbled open veganism again. This time I was more accepting of the concept. I studied veganism and the more I learnt the more convinced I was that a vegan Lifestyle was the best for me.

Even though I wanted to be vegan,I had no will power. I kept falling off the wagon.For a year and a half, I would fluctuate between pescetarianism and veganism. I believe at this time I was still thinking about veganism as a diet. I had no strong beliefs to see me through. Then I watched Veducation and Cowspiracy. Everything changed. I got my ‘why’. In beginning of 2016 I took the vegan pledge. Since then I haven’t looked back.

In November 2016, I started my vegan Instagram account, @veganfusions, as a food diary. Posting all the food I would eat in a day. I had no idea that it would grow so fast. I am currently working on a few projects that have come about as a result of this. My food has been featured on food blogs and I recently signed a collaboration deal with Africa Food Network.

Nena (Duchess) Ubani 
Vegan Chef/Herbalist